COVIDRIVE has reached a milestone: enrolment of over 10,000 patients

We are pleased to announce that the first COVIDRIVE study has recruited 10,038 patients across 17 hospitals in 5 European countries.   

Figure 1 shows the evolution of patient recruitment since the start of the study in September 2021.

This high recruitment number is important for collection of real-world evidence. We would like to thank all participants and their families for taking part in this study and trusting us with their personal data. We would also like to acknowledge the teams at the study sites for their hard work and making these high recruitment numbers possible.

Reaching this milestone is a proof of the successful work of the Consortium and the study. The study is an observational, hospital-based,  with test-negative case-control (TNCC) design with the aim to study brand-specific COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness (CVE) in Europe. The COVIDRIVE study is helping to provide answers to the critical questions relating CVE, including duration of protection of the different vaccines, impact of additional vaccine doses and different vaccine combinations.

COVIDRIVE is a public-private partnership launched in June 2021 to address the joint need to monitor COVID-19 vaccination programmes for public health institutes in Europe and to assess brand-specific CVE for vaccine companies as part of their regulatory obligations. The Consortium currently consists of 9 partners.